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Dedicated Virtual Assistant - GCA

That's why we believe in our dedicated support model. When you share your mission with us, we'll ensure the task will be fulfilled in every way. We'll become an extension of your internal operations, marketing & sales teams.

Our dedicated service model ensures that your program has a team of people focusing on it. Every detail—from recruiting, hiring, and training to quality control, scheduling, and front-line management—is tailored for you specifically, so the outcomes are always met with excellence.

You can expect the following benefits: 

Specialists: We will provide customers with the same level of service, regardless of whether they are working with you or us. To achieve this, we will develop a thorough understanding of your systems and adhere to the highest quality assurance standards.

Consistent Customer Experiences: Our outsourcing experts specialize in mastering your systems to assist your clients more efficiently. We will handle your customers with natural ease, all while ensuring we maintain the highest standard for quality assurance possible.

In short? You'll have more time to do what matters most: run your business.


Shared Virtual Assistant - GCA

If your call volume is not high enough to support a team of dedicated contact center outsourcing specialists, a shared customer support model may prove a viable solution. With shared agents, you have a scalable team ready for incoming or outgoing calls at any hour, 24/7/365. 


Experience cost-efficient service by only paying for the support services you need; there is never any idle time with this model.


Hybrid Assistant - GCA

Dedicated/Shared  Virtual Assistant Model

If your program requires a large amount of training but call volume is relatively low, consider our cost-effective mixed Dedicated/Shared model. A dedicated group of outsourcing experts forms your core team with this setup. When additional support is needed, a group of shared agents who train on your program will come into play.